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Act 71 With DCIU: Suicide Prevention In Schools

The Suicide Prevention in Schools video series is a partnership between Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU) and the Pennsylvania Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative (PAYSPI) designed to provide education professionals with high quality professional development in youth suicide awareness and prevention. This series showcases leading experts in the field of suicide prevention and offers perspectives from real-life teachers, students, and administrators. Through cooperation with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), Suicide Prevention in Schools also features vignettes from the acclaimed More Than Sad films. The content presented in Suicide Prevention in Schools is presented across 8 modules totaling 4 hours and is aligned with PA's Act 71 guidelines for youth suicide awareness and prevention education. Participants will be actively engaged through interactive questioning as they progress through the series to ensure attainment of the major competencies identified by PA Act 71. 


Self Paced Training

Act 71 with DCIU is self paced, allowing you to work through the modules at a pace you desire. We offer 3-4 month windows for you to register. All you need to do is complete the 8 half-hour modules, in any order, during that time period. You can even begin a module, go to another, and come back and finish the first. 

National Experts

"Suicide Prevention In Schools" features more national experts than any other Act 71 training available now. Some of our credits include:
  • Dr. Dan Reidenberg, Executive Director of SAVE, the Managing Director of the National Council for Suicide Prevention and the US representative to the International Association of Suicide Prevention.
  • Dr. Scott Poland, nationally recognized expert on school crisis, youth violence, suicide intervention, self-injury, school safety, threat assessment, parenting and the delivery of psychological services in schools.

The program is hosted by:

  • Dr. Terri A. Erbacher
  • Dr. Matt Wintersteen

You can read more about those involed with the program here:

Real Perspectives, Real People

We have much more than just experts in "Suicide Prevention In Schools". Real teachers, administrators, and even students from Delaware County and beyond are featured in the training. Get perspectives from real, current students. Administrators from private and public schools, and teachers in classrooms right now.

Instruction You Can Count On

 "Suicide Prevention In Schools"is the only Act 71 video training in Pennsylvania with built in assessments. We want our teachers and administrators to know when they see a certificate of completion from us, they know whomever has it has received a worthwhile training with real, applicable knowledge.

Affordable Training, Instant Access

Act 71 is priced as low as we can at 10 dollars per user. We also allow bulk purchases as well. If you are an administrator trying to purchase multiple registrations, use this form here, and we'll be able to give you a discount. When you sign up for Act 71, you are given access to the course immediately and can begin the training.